Ideas of Various Research Topics in Finance

Research Topics in Finance

Finance, as an academic subject, assesses how individuals, enterprises, companies and corporates raise, invest and spend their money. It also examines how these companies or individuals can boost the value from their investments and expenditure.

Here are 10 ideas of various research topics in finance:

1. What causes recurring financial crisis?

With intermittent economic meltdowns occurring worldwide, the answer to this question is still waiting to be found. This is one of the hottest research topics in finance.

2. Is delegating bank regulation to the market forces worth it?

Within the present regulatory and institutional structure, regulations are simply not effective in lowering bank risk. This research paper answers how and why.

3. Finance market regulation

What should be the role of regulation in financial markets? What are the implications of financial regulation? What should be the effect of legislation on financial markets?

4. Advantages of global diversification and who benefits from it?

Why do globally diversified portfolios perform much better than their domestic-only counterparts? What are the other advantages of global diversification and who makes the most of it?

5. How to evaluate the capital structure of a company?

The best way to evaluate any company's balance sheet is by assessing and analyzing its working capital adequacy, asset performance and capital framework. Evaluate the strength of a balance sheet through professional evaluation of its capital structure.

6. Factors that drive movement in exchange rates

Drawing on macroeconomic as well as micro based exchange models to determine the factors that impact the fluctuations and movements in the exchange market. Emphasis on the advances in our comprehension of this field as well as ascertaining alternative approaches that can be of use in future research.

7. The evolution of the subprime mortgage market

This research paper throws light on the subprime-lending scenario in the mortgage market. It also discusses how the mortgage market has evolved through time.

8. How are economics and finance entwined?

Many subject experts consider finance as a sub-field of economics, especially when they are talking about inter-temporal or portfolio decisions. Examine the developments in the two fields and how they are interrelated.

9. Investor Risk Preferences and Tolerance

Another of the popular research topics in finance should attempt to find if variables such as gender, age, occupation and marital status make a difference in investor risk preferences and tolerance levels. Examine variables such as income, race, employment and education and if these factors impact the risk tolerance level and preferences of individuals.

10. Lines of credit in small firm finance

This research topic discusses the significance of relationship lending in the finance of small enterprises and firms. The paper studies and analyses price and non-price terms of Line of Credits of banks are extended to smaller enterprises.